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When work/life balance is out of sync, everyone suffers. Stress, mistrust and apathy win out over well-being and engagement. Awareness, insights and support can help. Get back in the game with clarity and control. Schedule a free discovery session with me in the Washington D.C. and mid-Atlantic region.

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Well-being is about harmony, health and vibration. It’s about making connections, going deeper, getting support and having fun. If you need a boost, ideas, or a compelling experience, I am ready to help you!

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Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

“Jane helps women who have experienced medical hardships re-establish their self-esteem and focus. She is a fantastic role model and motivational speaker/counselor.” Read More

Retreat a Widely-Regarded Success!

“Jane was an exceptional co-facilitator and retreat leader. She was warm, empathetic, and perceptive in meeting participants’ needs. Her innovativeness and creativity made the retreat a widely-regarded success!” Read More