Unleashing Your Power
…Explore and Envision

After taking a breather following my TEDxBethesdaWomen’s event last October, I’m making
new resolutions. I’m going to spend this year to issues that are close to my heart – especially
those that involve equal rights for women. It’s high time we get this legislation passed for our
sakes and for girls and women everywhere!

One way of doing this, is to make something happen. I’m giving myself permission to plan and
host a project that is new for me…

person with long red fingernails holding sparklers in front of their face

I’m hosting a 3-part teleseminar over the course of the next 3 months – “Unleashing Your Power – Explore and Envision” to raise money for my local NOW chapter (each 1 hour session will be $35 with all proceeds going to the organization). I will focus on vulnerability and reconciling grief, loss, and anxiety – as tools for building clarity, confidence, and well-being. No videos! No Zooming! We can relax in our robes in our messy and magnificent spaces.

What might you do, to unleash more of your power to issues that tug at your heart strings? Your creativity and passion are needed now more than ever! Think big and chunk it out, so your sparkles resonate.