Renew & ReLaunch With Joy!

Jane O. Smith – Renewal Coach

Clarity, confidence and energy increase as we heal and move forward with ease. The process is simple, but not always easy. I can help you explore obstacles and new ways of being, that help you to know, own and show your very best self.

A lively and spirited life requires humor, kindness and play time. Consider these as you pivot to Be in Your Zone:

  • Settle
  • Build a Scenario that Compels You
  • Rewrite Your Story
  • Enhance Your Style
  • Revisit Your Strengths
  • Stretch Your Efforts
  • Turn Up Your Sass

Download my free blueprint, Be In Your Zone, to help you move forward with ease. Get clarity, confidence and a happier you!

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Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

“Jane helps women who have experienced medical hardships re-establish their self-esteem and focus. She is a fantastic role model and motivational speaker/counselor.” Read More

Simply Put, Jane is Special

“Jane has been dedicated to reinventing herself by working with others to renew themselves. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Jane will feel empowered and gratified.” Read More

Turned Idea Into World-Class Event

“She is a gracious, effective, visionary leader and group facilitator who earned the respect of everyone on her team and in the audience. A joy to work with.” Read More