Jane O. Smith leaning on a brick column holding a mug

RENEW and RESET Retreat

For: Groups Seeking Healing and Connection

Honor your gifts and share lessons learned to build trust and hope with your colleagues. Express your thoughts, consider new possibilities and fuel your goals through storytelling, the arts, play and celebration at your office or at a nature-inspired venue.

“Jane set the stage perfectly, telling us we could just “be.” That was so great, as I didn’t feel any pressure to interact with others. Today was peaceful.”

“This was my first retreat and I will use what I discovered to make changes in my life. Jane was absolutely magnificent.”

“I enjoyed Jane’s positive energy, the lovely location and seeing things through the eyes of my friends.”

HEART and HARVEST Coaching

For: Those Seeking Personal Renewal
8 1-hour sessions 

Heal and grow as you reconnect to yourself without judgement or advice. Open your senses and take new paths that guide your whole, creative and resourceful self. Craft a wellness vision that supports your priorities and passions. Relax, explore, and embrace new choices that uplift and delight you through virtual coaching.

“Jane made me feel more confident. She was easy to talk to and she helped me to commit to positive next steps.”

“I appreciate Jane’s vision of creating something like this and for sharing her compassion for others.”

“Jane is a warm and thoughtful facilitator.”

Jane talking at an AICI luncheon


For: Those Wanting to Bounce Forward with Delight
1 hour

Self-compassion and gratitude are explored as keys to boosting one’s well-being. Proven strategies are shared along with tips for taming one’s gremlins, for greater success. Models about transitioning well and for motivating oneself are shared through stories and fun facts. Custom content is added, depending on the interests and goals of each group.

“Jane’s presentation style and practical tips were highly ranked by the attendees.” (Federal Training Officers Consortium)

“Jane came into a tough group and totally wowed them.” (E4 Health)

“Jane’s approach is engaging and inspiring.” (U.S. Department of Justice)