Experience is the best teacher. Let’s do this in one day, to get you on your way! 

My Jumpstart Renewal™ VIP Day offers you insights, frameworks, and tools to help you transition for greater well-being. I’m excited to share my content and activities with you, during our private and enlightening day. You will have a safe place to be yourself, in a space of caring, and compassion. I will keep your best interests front and center as you discover, reflect, and share with me.

We will explore your story, your style, and your strengths as they relate to your current values, beliefs, and priorities. As you update and define your favorite self you will design your next chapter. We will work virtually, so you can be relaxed in a setting that you desire.

Following our time together you will receive my Jumpstart Renewal™ bundle that includes creative exercises, my Stepping Stones™ To-Self-Renewal Journal, my Tackle Thorny Issues™ Handle-Conflict-With-Ease Workbook and a few surprises to keep you focused and motivated.

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RENEWAL COACHING PACKAGE – 4 One-Hour/Weekly Sessions

Take time to reflect and to take new actions over the course of a month (virtually) to get you on your way!

We tackle the highlights of the VIP Day (see above), over the course of a month. Pre-work is required in order to make the most of these high-energy sessions. Clients gain clarity and learn how to release, receive and rise to new heights, based on their passions and priorities. They enjoy my post-session goodies, too (as described above).

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Renew and Reset™ Retreats and Presentations

These are customized based on the goals and interests of each group. My basic aim is to help clients clear out the clutter and confusion, to boost well-being and trust after major shifts and changes. Compelling content and memorable experiences are designed for maximum learning and bonding among the participants. Individual Insights emerge as we explore together, using the lens of Mother Nature as a muse and a guide. Whether we are in an outdoor venue or within the confines of conference room, we pursue self-awareness and self-expression as a roadmap to renewed hope, purpose and meaning.

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Move Forward With Ease

Well-being is about harmony, health and vibration. It’s about making connections, going deeper, getting support and having fun.

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Client’s Well-Being Front & Center

“Jane is great at tapping into stress and desires while keeping her client’s well-being and potential front and center.” Read More

Simply Put, Jane is Special

“Jane has been dedicated to reinventing herself by working with others to renew themselves. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Jane will feel empowered and gratified.” Read More

Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

“Jane helps women who have experienced medical hardships re-establish their self-esteem and focus. She is a fantastic role model and motivational speaker/counselor.” Read More