Beauty begins inside of you. We project what we feel — so be true to yourself. Your essence is your gift!
Love and light are everything. For ourselves, for our children and for their children.

I help women facing health challenges to transform themselves through my Renewal Jumpstart™ VIP Day Coaching Program.

Rewiring is part of life. My journey with breast cancer took the concepts of faith and experimentation to a whole new level for me.

TEDx Bethesda Women was my joy, as a way to celebrate my 5th year as a survivor. “Sassy” was the theme (spirited and lively…that’s what we all want).

I follow the mantra “Delight in You.” That’s where true power lies. And after 30+ years in healthcare and wellness, I help women get there faster, better and stronger.

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When we share our stories, we empower others. Compassion is the common thread.
When I keynoted the gala for the Springfield Cancer Research Center, I focused on self-care. It’s all about honoring what remains; with fun & flair.

Move Forward With Ease

Well-being is about harmony, health and vibration. It’s about making connections, going deeper, getting support and having fun.

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Client’s Well-Being Front & Center

“Jane is great at tapping into stress and desires while keeping her client’s well-being and potential front and center.” Read More

Simply Put, Jane is Special

“Jane has been dedicated to reinventing herself by working with others to renew themselves. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Jane will feel empowered and gratified.” Read More

Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

“Jane helps women who have experienced medical hardships re-establish their self-esteem and focus. She is a fantastic role model and motivational speaker/counselor.” Read More