Jane O. Smith and other woman at TEDx event
“At TEDxBethesdaWomen 2013, every piece of sage advice and every little nugget of wisdom was met with open minds, laughter, tears, and several standing ovations.” – Patch.com
Jane holding granddaughter on a beach
Nature is a metaphor for our own inner journey.


I try to make lemonade out of lemons, to maintain a sense of humor. It’s worth it.

For instance, during my 5th year as a cancer survivor, I organized TEDx Bethesda Women. It wasn’t an easy or quick recovery, but it was worthy of celebration! “Sassy” was the theme (“spirited and lively”).

Ten years later (2023), I organized a second TEDxBethesdaWomen’s event with the theme
“Awakenings.” Smart and curious women from the D.C. region shared new ways of thinking and
being, that emerged in part from the pandemic.

Along with breast cancer, trials with career reinvention, family shifts, community strife and cross-country moves (13 so far), I’ve faced the “beyond comfort zone” place many times. Over time I’ve learned how to adapt and to focus on my happy wrinkles (and to ignore the rest as best I can).

“Jane helped me to listen and trust my intuition. Promoting self-compassion and self-care, she encouraged me to reconnect with my true self and get realigned into living according to my values. She was a patient, validating, guiding voice.”

– Tamar Kairy, Psychologist-Pediatric Behavioral Health

As a coach, speaker, and retreat leader, I strive to heal and to inspire others. My work is informed through my personal experiences, Mayo Clinic Certification (Wellness Coach Training) and the Green Cross Academy for Traumatology (Compassion Fatigue Therapist), and from years as a work-life trainer and communications specialist.

Well-being is a journey. It requires intention and flexibility. It begins with honoring our whole selves – especially when we need it most.

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“When I started working with Jane I was drowning and casting out lines for help. I had completely lost myself while working as a nurse in childhood cancer throughout the pandemic and dealing with the loss of an intimate relationship. Through our coaching sessions I learned how to show up for myself – something I had not been doing for years. She challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before, but I loved it! Her voice, energy and presence calmed the waves as I explored what serves me, what brings me peace and what adds value right now, and as I make my way on new journeys ahead.”

– Veronica Koranda, Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Jane at EMI event talking to group of women
When we share our stories, we empower others. Compassion is the common thread.
Jane at Give Cancer the Boot event in 2014
Cancer teaches self-compassion. We learn to honor what remains.