TED.com is a wonderful contribution to society. If you haven’t been there – GO THERE! Search for gold-standard, fabulously curated talks about ideas worth sharing!

On a more local level, visit TEDx.com. That’s where you’ll see independently organized talks/events that received licenses by TED.com, to create similar types of programs.

In moments of weakness or passion, I did just that!

It’s been 10 years since I organized TEDxBethesdaWomen, for 100 ladies in my local community. I did it to celebrate my 5th year as a breast cancer survivor – and what a fete it was! The theme was “Sassy: Lively and Spirited.”

The energy in the room, the takeaways from the speakers, and since then… the hundreds of thousands of downloads of the talks…still give me goosebumps.

View 2013 Presenters on YouTube

Rise Stir Shift. Awaken, Girlfriends. TedXBethesdaWomen 2023 flyerIT’S TIME FOR MORE!

So here I am. Running around like a chicken without a head, some days. Working to make TEDxBethesdaWomen happen again. This year’s theme is AWAKENINGS. That’s what we need now, more than ever. New ways to see, hear, imagine, think, act, and connect.

I couldn’t be prouder of the line up! I can’t wait for the day!

10/12/23. Be there. And if you can’t, download the talks once they’re up on the TEDx channel (probably early November).

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Maybe it’s time for you to apply for a license, too? It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be an organizer. And women everywhere, will thank you.