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Jane O. Smith

District of Columbia
Phone:(240) 416-3051

Seminars, speaking, and coaching events throughout Washington D.C. and the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Ready to stage your comeback & be in your zone?

Phone:(240) 416-3051
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Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

“Jane helps women who have experienced medical hardships re-establish their self-esteem and focus. She is a fantastic role model and motivational speaker/counselor.” Read More

Simply Put, Jane is Special

“Jane has been dedicated to reinventing herself by working with others to renew themselves. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Jane will feel empowered and gratified.” Read More

Turned Idea Into World-Class Event

“She is a gracious, effective, visionary leader and group facilitator who earned the respect of everyone on her team and in the audience. A joy to work with.” Read More