Delight in You When the Going Gets Tough
… A 7-Step Plan to Heal and Free You

What is your vision of well-being? How are you showing up for you and for your business? If stress is taking a toll, please read on.

I’ve been there, for sure. And in the aftermath of breast cancer, I especially learned that how and where we direct our energy truly matters when life gets hard.

To embrace this on a deeper level, instead of focusing on “Delighting the Customer” — I decided to Delight in Me. Over time, my health and vitality improved and I stretched myself even more… I organized TEDxBethesdaWomen with 12 amazing speakers at Imagination Stage.

young woman with red glasses in nightclub with green and purple lights over her face and neck

You, too, can take more control. Shift your field and Delight in You™. Here’s how:

Defy the naysayers.
Don’t let others drag you down. Trust your intuition and wisdom.

Express your truths.
Be authentic with your words and actions. Share your voice.

Liven up your appearance.
Your smile and your presence can build bridges and invite opportunities.

Include those who love you.
Appreciate the generosity and concerns of people who you treasure.

Greet the unknown with optimism.
Stay positive and give others the benefit of the doubt. Look for the good.

Harness what brings you light and joy.
Focus on what comforts and delights your mind, body, and spirit.

Tap into your curious and spirited self.
Listen to and act on your playful, fun, and wild sides.

These ways of being are simple – but not always easy. As they become more natural, you will relax, heal, and grow. And as you Delight in You™, you will delight your customers and colleagues, too!