Lucky Me
… A Short Drive to Hottie-Ness

It’s been a wild ride, for sure. The pandemic shifted my normal ways of being and doing. I lost a great job early in the game (it’s no longer feasible due to COVID-19), I couldn’t visit my 95 year-old mother for 18 months, my husband started working from home full-time (no more daily train commutes) and we didn’t visit our daughters for over a year (too far to travel with too many risks).

I let my hair turn silver (a more elegant term than “grey”), I eventually I took on a new project, I made lots of new recipes, I got to know my local orchards, I updated my office furniture, I reconnected with a few kindred spirits, and I redesigned our back deck. I also started getting shots in my left knee to ease the pain.

A very mixed bag with new burdens and blessings.

I also lost my core. She used to be down there, but she flattened out and I’ve been feeling like a square, seriously. Too many happy hours with too many munchies. And too many quiet holidays with lots of chocolate and pastries (we had to have fun somehow, right?).

SESSION Pilates room with green walls and pilates equipment lined along floor

So now I’m taking Pilates. It’s been two months. I have more energy. I have a daily routine that begins with coffee and reading the paper (for the most part) and continues with a trip to the studio. I have cute little socks that I bought for the classes. I am making new friends. I sleep harder. I think about what I eat and drink a bit more (it’s good to have a goal).

If you want to connect to something deeper than where you’re at right now…get moving. My body is my canvas, my vehicle, and my spirit in the flesh. She is so happy that we are rediscovering each other as we stretch and glow and breathe deep.

If this is my new normal way of being and doing (at least for an hour/day) — lucky, lucky me! Not every day is perfect by a long shot. But when I put myself out there on the mat and the reformer, I feel centered and alive (and my “hottie” comes out to play for a while).

Rock on, baby!