Jane Smith
February 14, 2021

Finding Love
…We Can Do This

Love is in the air…for the lucky ones. Others are still searching for it.

Experience tells me that looking for love doesn’t work. What works is loving what’s inside of us. And allowing it to shine.

That’s a very tall order right now. The pandemic’s fierce impact continues to spiral upward. Loneliness, loss, depression, grief, anxiety and chronic disease seem to be winning. Self-compassion, the best tonic for many people, struggles to enter our psyche.

Gentle, tender self-talk is a good beginning. And as it takes hold, we are more able to serve others with more energy and grace.

If you’re looking for a roadmap of sorts, check these out:

  • Self-Compassion, by Kristin Neff, Ph.D. (she also has a workbook)
  • Wellness Workbook, by Travis and Ryan
  • The Listening Path, by Julia Cameron
  • Raw Coping Power, by Joel B. Bennett, Ph.D.
  • Sacred Woman, by Queen Afua

In addition, Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey feature a series of meditations that calm and soothe the senses. And there are scores of other ideas if you Google “self-kindness” and “self-care.”

Let’s be our own valentines this year. Let’s make time to treasure the beating of our hearts and honor them with kindness.

Finding love begins with loving what lies inside of us. And as we do this, we radiate and receive more of it.

Easy? Not always.

Possible? Yes!

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