Choose One Gem
… And Jooj it Up!

As a marketing specialist, I had to find the gems amidst the chaos. Looking back, I think I spent more time deciding what and who to ignore, than on writing copy or courting VIPs. Kind of like Christmas, these days.

Sorting out what to buy, who to gift, what to bake and how to decorate makes my head spin. I do believe that “less is more” but I still get carried away. There is one lovely little exception.

Out of the craziness one thing takes center stage. Sometimes it’s stays the same for a few years. This year, it changed.

My hubby and I, along with the dogs, are the only ones who partake in our holiday goings on in our house. And now with social distancing due to the virus, we are running a tighter ship. No parties. No visitors. We are free to not do anything at all – or to dial up or simple down the madness as we wish.

The big change this holiday season? Switching from displaying our lifetime of ornaments and fancy décor to featuring only red cardinals this year. Front and center everywhere.

bright red cardinal perched on an icy, leafless bush

That is it. And it’s funny. More red cardinals are eating from our backyard birdfeeder than usual (maybe they are peering in and enjoying the view)!

Pick your bit of brilliance this season and box up all the rest. Select one, perfect gem. And jooj it up! Go crazy!

Wishing you happy holidays.