Jane Smith
April 29, 2020

Spring Shifts
…Lightening My Load

It has been a busy spring – happy and sad, exciting and mad.

I became a grandmother in February and meeting “Ellie” was grand, indeed! I’m lucky that I could visit Las Vegas to meet her, before the national travel ban began.

I was furloughed from a project that just began in January, and goodness only knows if and when it will restart. Frustrating, for sure.

I’ve taken inventory of what lies ahead for me. I’m focusing on you (no more corporate wellness seminars for me). I’m excited to offer online courses, group coaching and events to help clients renew and relaunch – it’s a rich time to go deep and to create for each of us.

Check these out if you want to know a bit more about me and my approach to renewal:

Stay safe and honor yourself.
Find new ways to lighten your load so that you are a joy to be around – even if it’s only you, in the room!

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Well-being is about harmony, health and vibration. It’s about making connections, going deeper, getting support and having fun.

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Client’s Well-Being Front & Center

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Simply Put, Jane is Special

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Fantastic Role Model & Motivation Speaker

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