Be in Your Zone
Jane Smith
July 3, 2019

When the heat and humidity of summer descends, I seek simple routines to connect to Mother Nature.

This includes sweeping off the front porch. The aftermath of a good evening’s soaking and busy visits by squirrels and chipmunks brings new debris on board (sometimes I find acorns buried in the potting soil).

A few days ago, one of my blue and white planters that is filled with gorgeous coral geraniums had leaves strewn around and under it.

After I put my broom aside I tended to the flowers – cutting off dead blooms and lightly watering the soil. A grouping of little twigs and grasses on one side of the ceramic interior caught my attention. It was tightly woven and didn’t give way as my hands gently tried to remove it.

No wonder! It was a bird’s nest. With two teeny pink eggs stuffed into the middle of it. Luscious green leaves enveloped them with shade and drops of the morning dew. It took my breath away as I let go and stepped away.

Once or twice a day, I sit quietly on the wicker chair at the opposite end of the porch. I focus on the geranium blooms, hoping to see signs of life. (So far it’s been pretty quiet.)

Maybe at dusk, when no one is looking, fireflies dance on the buds. “Glow and grow, little wonders below.” I’m hoping that’s true every dawn.

Be in Your Zone

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