Pause. Renew. Carry On.

“Jane helped me to get more clarity about my values and vision for my life – and the means to flourish and to nourish myself along the way.” – Ellen Letourneau, Author and Artist

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Spring Updates

Jane is the organizer for TEDxBethesdaWomen slated for October 12th at Imagination Stage. The event theme is “Awakenings”. Details to come – Contact Jane for Updates.

Nurture Your Nature

The challenges of these times add up. Goals, health, and relationships tend to go sideways. It’s confusing, sad, and often expensive. Reconnect with clarity and compassion. Let go of your gremlins. Embrace next steps that calm and delight you.

Honor your energy and your purpose.

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Renew and Reset Your Life

Bouncing around is perfectly normal. But when sadness or anxiety win out over hope, purpose or meaning, it’s time to pivot big time. As a cancer survivor, renewal coach and retreat leader, I know that we can wake up with more energy and excitement about our lives. Oftentimes, what’s getting in the way are outdated mindsets and priorities. Once we connect to being in our zone, new thoughts and strengths emerge. Baby steps matter.

Make change work for you.

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Healing and Renewal in the Agricultural Reserve

Find inspiration in the Autumn 2022 issue of PLENTY magazine and read my article about nature boosting well-being.

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August 1, 2022
Delight in you when the going gets tough. A 7-step plan to heal and free you.