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“Building Momentum in Your Trenches”

Luncheon speaker for the Federal Training Officers Consortium, City Club, Washington, DC. –  May 2019

“Reflections on Breast Cancer”

Interview for Cherry Blossom Intimates’ Behind the Pink Wall series. – June 2019


“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”

Eileen & Eva – June 2018

“When we face breast surgeries due to cancer and reconstruction, beauty takes a backseat in the journey. We tend to focus on what we’ve lost rather than noticing what we can embrace and enhance over time.

#BeYourOwnKindOfBeautiful reminds us that there is more to it… That we can boost how we look and how we feel through our beliefs and our actions.”

“Body Image Matters…After Cancer and More”

ROSE Resources – RGA 3rd Quarter 2016

“It was a delight and a privilege to help launch the ROSE program. It was especially thrilling to depart in 1988, knowing that it had a very bright future. Decades later, in 2008, ROSE came to mind when I was treated for breast cancer. In spite of an excellent care team and a good prognosis after losing my right breast, I grappled with something unexpected. I floundered for a year or more. It wasn’t my altered chest that got in my way – it was my relationship with my body.”

“Body Image Matters”

Article written for Cancer.Net about body image after cancer. – June 2014

“It begins with slicing and ends with scars and drains and much, much more. What our bodies (and minds and emotions) have undergone is nothing less than miraculous. Although healing is the natural response to cancer (thank goodness), we chunk it out based on what we’re able to cope with and where we want it to take us. Each night we go to sleep with what remains, and it’s not always a pretty sight—even for the most enlightened survivors among us.”


“TEDx Bethesda Women”

Organizer of TEDx Bethesda Women’s event in December 2013. Twelve riveting speakers elaborated on our theme of “Sassy: Lively and Spirited” from a variety of perspectives and experiences, at this Bethesda-based program.

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