My Hiatus
… Pausing to Renew

modern white chair with an indoor palm plant in black potI’ve taken a hiatus of sorts, over the past few months. It’s been a time of rewiring for me.

I needed to bow out of this feature, for a bit more time than usual. Planning my mother’s Celebration of Life ceremony, enrolling in the Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Coach Training Program, directing a novel retreat for healthcare executives, and welcoming our newest granddaughter into the world inspired and at times, overwhelmed me.

Watching winter turn into spring with different priorities forced me to put some things on pause. As this happened, I said “yes” to other things. I lost and found myself. I took stock of my values during precious silences.

I’ve arrived somewhere new.

And…I am checking in back here, with a summer Solstice entry. Time to play! Time to create! Time to engage and stretch and move!

Today is the longest day of the year. It greets and meets us with more sunshine. It’s light and warmth invite us to cultivate.

Over the summer months, attend to what is calling you. Use your “pause” button if you like. (Being well requires intention) Grab a hiatus – and go!