Embracing Nature
… The Heart of the Land as “Sage”

I recently took on a project at a farm, that inspires guests to heal and to grow. Feeding goats, walking under forest canopies, sipping lemonade on wrap-around porches, listening to the geese, and inhaling cool, fresh breezes are examples of the many simple and easy pleasures we enjoy. It doesn’t take 400 acres of open fields to make that happen — but it helps!

Old rustic farmhouse and grain silo in foreground of beautiful sunset landscape with hills

Day-long countryside retreats invite self-discovery and reflection, with a vast array of options.   Every person brings value to the day with their stories and questions and curiosities. It seems that the most profound takeaways happen without effort. A seedling, a feather, a tree, the sun, a haybale, laughter… bubbles. They offer comfort and companionship.

It doesn’t take much. Mainly focus and gentle conversations. Try it where you are. The produce in a favorite bowl, the bees and butterflies, the flowers in your vase, the raindrops on your windowpanes. Take them in – relish them. Notice how they change as you shift your perspective.

Strength and answers appear as we let nature take the stage.