Pivot Juice

The air is warm and inviting outside. I’m flitting from my computer screen to backyard blossoms. Preparing for cicadas.

It’s their 17th year. So they pop! They emerge with gusto and push it to the limits. I’m so ready for them.

Number 17 metal plate with teal background on pink wall

Even if it’s chaotic and crazy noisy, they are welcome in my space.

Being 17 was my favorite age. And the advent of cicadas reminds me of that tender yet driven time in my life, when aged into my “let’s go see and try it out” senior year of high school that set my sights on college.

Here’s to striking out. To energy and joy. To connecting and chattering and capturing what’s next.

A bud. A bird. A bug. A branch. A buzz.

A feast.