Healing is a Way of Life
… Helping Hope Emerge

This year has been like no other, for many reasons. And the bad outweighs the good for many of us these days. We are stressed, anxious, sad and overwhelmed due to COVID 19 and social strife. We are a little less likely to watch the news and a lot more likely to stay in our pajamas longer every morning.

October’s breast cancer awareness activities were quiet, too. For patients and survivors, it’s still a noisy month — at least with our self-talk and emotions. Messages like “watch and wait” or “another shoe just dropped” or “do what they tell you to do” remind us that health is a gift and we must preserve it.

lit pink tea light candle

I take solace in all that I’ve gained through the pain. But I am more gingerly in pushing myself to the limits. Every day presents itself as a gift, if I invite it in that way.

The magic bullet is what we choose to attend to. Knowing that we are vulnerable in spite of it all means that we must go through our fears to arrive at somewhere new. Just like healing after cancer. It’s a journey all the way.

And I know you know what I mean. Because we are all in a state of healing these days. And the best that we can do is to honor what is dear and kind.

Finding my zone where I can breathe deep is the fastest way to harness the quiet. Calmness sets in. And hope emerges once more.