Move Forward…
Fresh Start Strategies

How are you bringing zest and vigor into your life, these days? Launching a next act takes vision with action… Rally, move forward and triumph, once more!

a turquoise heart shaped rock in the middle of a dandelion

Tap into these truths to take you farther faster:

Clarify your intention.
Draw or photograph it. Write it down. Say it. Give it a name.

Remember the “why.”
Knowing the reason(s) for your next act will keep you on board, even if the “how” and the “when” are murky.

Limit your baggage.
Let go of whatever holds you back. Lighten your load so that you have room for new stuff and memories!.

The middle of any transition is messy.
Stress and ambiguity are part of the route. Baby steps matter. Actions build momentum and confidence.

Collect resources to fuel your mission.
People, places, things, ideas and experiences are ready to inspire and support you. Look for and embrace them.

Map it out.
Carve out a path that feels right for you. Embark with a sense of direction – don’t tread water.

Relish breaks in the action.
Slow down and take it all in. Engage all of your senses and delight in Mother Nature.

Identify milestones along the way.
Proof points can be huge or subtle. Take inventory and keep doing what’s working well for you.

Seek out silver linings.
Obstacles are rarely dark holes with no way out. Detours can open new doors. Follow the light.

Radiate what you want to attract.
Magic happens when your vibration is up. Energy and positivity attract energy and positivity.

Don’t Compare
It’s your journey – do it your way. Honor yourself and bless that voice within you, that is your biggest fan and coach.

Celebrate and Nourish You
Your style, story and strengths matter. Update and express them. There is a “wow” factor in every fresh start…let it be YOU!

Go Deeper

How are you bringing zest and vigor into your life today?