Making June a Love Song
…It’s There for the Taking, So Do It

June was most likely named for the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and the well-being of women (The Old Farmer’s Almanac). It could have also been derived from the Latin juvenis, “young people.” June is a fresh window on commitment, discovery and connections. I am keeping her waaaay open this year.

As a June baby I have always relished the Summer Solstice, as the longest day of the year gives me more daylight to play and to shop. With restrictions in place, at least here in Maryland, my plan has shifted this year. Instead I will watch birds from my deck, enjoy take-out goodies and turn up the Beach Boys CD on my front porch. I will celebrate the start of summer … and the nearing of my birth day … more simply, with zest.

  • Relax and picnic under the sun and the warm star-filled night.
  • Water plants and pick herbs.
  • Dance and drum.
  • Create mandalas.
  • Light a bonfire (a mini-version is fine).
  • Write a prayer.

woman on a cliff with arms outstretched

There are dozens of ways to relish June’s themes of light and of love.

I am going to add to my Summer Solstice list, big time. I’m going to call a friend who shares my birth date — who I met only once, in the hospital. We had our wisdom teeth removed on the same day — and we shared a recovery room for one night, before being discharged back to our homes. We were 17. She was so funny and she made me laugh a lot that night. My mouth really hurt, but I didn’t care. We had a blast. We bonded even though our families, cultures and plans after high school were different. And once in a blue moon, I remember that time and I send her goodwill from my heart.

I finally found her on Facebook. I am going to thank her for those memories. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say after almost 50 years apart.

She was the first black woman I’d ever met. Her wit and love of life inspired and delighted me. I have looked for her, for a very long time.

So June, thank you for welcoming me once again. And for reminding me about a special someone who helped me to seek common ground through laughter, and kindnesses, and hugs.