Be in Your Zone
Jane Smith
April 12, 2019

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of helping Jane Pennewell, of JP Image Consulting, with a “Refresh Your Style” workshop. Jane was trained in Europe many decades ago, and her talents for fashion and interior design are praised by countless women across the globe. A life that has seen its share of tragedy is also one that gives beauty and grace to people seeking renewal and more liveliness.

Jane works with 4 main categories. Intense. Clear. Soft. Subtle. The color palette she selects depends on the client’s skin tones, and the color of the eyes and hair. Using 4 hues of red swatches, she drapes one’s neckline in each one, to see how it resonates with the face. It is dramatic, indeed. With the right palette one’s features seriously “pop.”

From there she goes deeper, to suggest makeup and hairstyles and accessories and fabrics that are best suited for each style type. This petite and joyful woman is a full throttle firecracker! MORE: 287 Secrets of Reinventing Yourself (published by John Wiley & Sons, 2011) features her story — it’s inspiring and unforgettable to say the least.

Driving home on the Beltway, the scenery was stunning. The cherry blossom trees, daffodils, crocuses, royal star magnolias, bradford pear trees and lilac bushes were in full bloom. Even in my yard. Across the street. And on the circle, the lovingly designed retreat we neighbors landscaped and nurtured 15 years ago.

What were once little seedlings gave way to specimens across the region. Boundless. Dancing. Shimmering.

Springtime is so bountiful, so encouraging, so delicate and dreamy. Jane’s session was like this magical season. With love and kindness she tapped into radiance, by helping to polish one’s image.

Magic it seems, can be found or unleashed. You just have to look for it, or to play with what is there, with new eyes. How very, very wonderful. And comforting, indeed.

Be in Your Zone

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