I hosted a workshop about this yesterday, with people over 60 years of age. They were witty, funny and smart.

person on a wooden dock with arms outstretched looking over a lake

For a lighter and happier you, here’s some group advice:

  1. Turn off the television. Listen to podcasts or the radio. You can do things when you’re not glued to a screen, right?
  2. Pack nutritious snacks. Indulge yourself with goodies that look and taste delicious – that you bought, fixed, packaged and refrigerated when you were relaxed and listening to great music!
  3. Declutter your car, your purse, your home and your workspace. Junk is exhausting to look at and it can be distracting, too.
  4. Honor your energy. Instead of focusing on time, think about your stamina, your priorities and your abilities.
  5. Force yourself to engage with other people if you’re sad or lonely. Connecting with others is key to forgetting your losses and creating new memories.
  6. Start each new day by stretching and focusing on one word that inspires you or that notes what you are grateful for.
  7. Put your worries in a journal or send them out the door. Give them up, don’t judge, and focus on solutions or “yes…but I can…” statements.

Here’s to your journey today. Make it a good one. It can take you far!