Renew and Re-Launch

…Yeses All Around

Sprouting is happening near my home. The buds and blossoms are back. Pink hues splash across the Tidal Basin. Cherry blossoming everywhere!

Renewal. Spring. The lively and spirited part of life expands. Fresh air. Warm breezes. Daffodils and butterflies.

Penny and Offy, my silly dogs, can’t contain themselves. They pace around my feet with joy and anticipation. “Is it time now, or now…or now? Can we go for a walk, pretty please?”

We get lost in the magic of songbirds and streams. As they explore on their leashes and take in the smells, time stops. We are truly in the moment.

momma bird feeding a hanging nest of baby birds

New ideas launch, too. Hopes and dreams collide. The awakening of life after the dormancy of winter bodes well for “going big.”

The promise of new life is welcome, indeed, by those who are sick or facing despair. My journey with breast cancer now ten years old, fades into the past, yet yields new aha’s.

Clearer. Observant. Grateful. And during this brief reverie, wouldn’t you know, comes this fabulous place for women after mastectomies.

I’ve written about body image and moving forward as a breast cancer survivor.

Cherry Blossom Intimates Interview

Jasmine Jones, COO of Cherry Blossom Intimates and a Forbes “30 Under 30” took the time to listen to my story earlier this month. That sad and lonely time that is thankfully only a memory came barreling back.

That time of fear and grief…led to new directions and decisions. It took time and exploration and creation and faith. We can renew and relaunch, I know this for sure. Here’s living proof, my friend.

Take a turn. Whirl and sprout anew. Spring is your beginning! Move forward, my dear, with fun and flair.

No rules. Just sparks. And color.